Environmental Policy

This Environmental Policy, plus its associated procedures, applies to all activities of B Nokes Contracts Ltd, wherever they are carried out, and these are to be followed by all employees as well as any nominated parties working on the Company’s behalf.

This Environmental Policy is also communicated to customers & suppliers and is made available to other interested parties as required and appropriate.

B Nokes Contracts Ltd is aware that its activities affect the environment in diverse and manifold ways, of the necessity to improve the environment by use of effective environmental management systems and to control the impact of its products and services. It strives to achieve this by the setting of corporate and local objectives for the continual improvement of its environmental performance

B Nokes Contracts Ltd endeavours to ensure that its activities comply fully with all relevant UK and EU environmental legislation and accepted best practice.

To deliver this B Nokes Contracts Ltd will:

  • Endeavour to ensure that its activities are safe for its employees, customers, sub-contractors, neighbours and any others associated with its business.
  • Endeavour to maintain current and reliable information on the environmental impact of the products and services it supplies and make this available on demand to enable its customers and other interested parties, where appropriate, to make informed choices.
  • Understand the sensitivities of its customers including the pressures of growing and changing statutory and public concern about environmental issues and assist them in complying with and delivering environmental best practice.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce any environmental impact of its activities at an early stage and implement these changes where appropriate.

Communicate its environmental performance within the Company, to its customers and where appropriate to the external community.

  • Raise staff awareness of environmental issues and promote individual good practice.
  • Encourage its suppliers to provide goods and services with the minimum adverse environmental impact and give preference to environmentally aware suppliers whenever possible.
  • Endeavour to ensure that it purchases goods and materials that comply fully with UK and EU legislation and recognised environmental best practice.
  • Audit and undertake six monthly reviews of the effectiveness of this Environmental Policy and its associated procedures, measurement methods, objectives and targets and the progress towards meeting those objectives and targets.
  • Strive to implement processes that lessen the Company's environmental impact and to integrate environmental considerations into all future Policy decisions.

Make efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy, water and other natural resources.

Take all reasonable steps to prevent pollution of both its local and wider environments.

Employ sound waste management practices and maximise the recycling of waste products.

Develop and maintain emergency procedures to deal effectively with any significant environmental hazards or incidents that may arise as a result of its activities.